Xbox Apps Now Let You Watch Cat Videos All Day, Kinect Powered

We knew there would be more things coming to Xbox in the following weeks. Microsoft has updated their app store for the revised OS, and it includes a handful of channels for the US and abroad. United States users can now download iHeartRadio,, TMZ, Verizon FiOS TV, and YouTube. Naturally, this is the first time YouTube is available on the console, as Xbox lacks a dedicated browser that enabled functionality on Wii and PlayStation 3.

What are other countries getting? On top of a variety of the above, international Xbox’s will be receiving blinkbox, MSN Video, MUZU.TV, Rogers On Demand, SBS On Demand, and RTVE. Remember, these apps won’t be automatically installed; you have to “purchase” them. Kinect functionality is also hit or miss in the apps, but Microsoft has pledged that all future apps must include it in some form.

Will you be taking advantage of the new entertainment options?

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