Nolan North Talks About Nolan North And More

I have a hard time separating Nolan North from Nathan Drake, as I’m sure many of you do. Drake’s appearance, personality, and mannerisms are all based on North, and throughout the Uncharted series, it’s hard not to be charmed by his cavalier wiles as much as everyone else is.

North, however, is more than just Drake. He is a prolific voice actor in both the video game and animation industries. His ubiquity has inspired his own award category and is only rivaled by Troy Baker in recent years. He is now, in an interesting twist, also an author.

North sat down recently with Patrick Klepek and Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb to talk about not only his book Uncharted: Drake’s Journal but also what his career has meant, what games mean to him, and a few other odd bits along the way. Check out their rather lengthy chat and get some insight into one of the most recognizable and laudable voice actors of our generation.

The book is also available for iOS devices.

Source: Giant Bomb

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