The Last Of Us Content Continues To Head Our Way

The Last of Us took us by storm during the 2011 VGA’s and rightfully so the game looks awesome and we all want to know more about it. So today not only do we have a blog post from Naughty Dog to share, but we wanted to share where you can grab up more information about The Last of Us, and it is easy as turning on your PlayStation 3.

The PS Store has been updated today and will have some The Last of Us content rolling out that includes:

– The Last of Us Announcement Trailer

– Joel Avatar ($0.49)

The Last of Us Static Theme

If you still haven’t seen every suspense-filled, emotionally charged second of The Last of Us announcement trailer you’ll be able to download it and watch it in glorious 720p on your PS3 via the PS Store today. Be sure study the trailer carefully. There are hints about the game and how it’ll play in nearly every frame.

A dynamic theme and an Ellie Avatar are on the way. Check back shortly to learn how to get your theme as we’ll have details soon. There’s a plethora of other content to come as the game develops so be on the lookout.

Stay tuned to your favorite gaming website, as we receive more information we will be sure to share it. This is one game that has me intrigued and wanting more information about the story and the game itself. What do you think about The Last of Us?

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