Amazing Zelda 25th Anniversary Artbook Announced

Despite a less-than-stellar 3DS launch and an almost non-existent Wii release schedule, Nintendo spared no expense in taking the beloved Zelda franchise’s 25th anniversary to a deserved level. And it shows; the collector’s edition controller of Skyward Sword, the 3DS special edition bundle, and the incredibly well-arranged orchestra concerts are pretty sweet homages to a game series that has managed to revolutionize and influence the industry in more ways than imaginable.

Well, the last piece in this nerdgasm puzzle comes in the form of a gorgeous 274 pages artbook, according to Nintendo’s official japanese website.  This piece is reportedly so complete it will feature never released art, in-depth information on the already rich and vast Zelda lore and additional tidbits on the actual games. In addition, it’s been rumored the book will contain an official Zelda timeline and explanation; something without precedence that could pretty much end up being the most exciting feature for purists of the series.

The artbook is set to release this 21st of December, at a 3,255 Yen (US$42) price tag, and as of now, nothing has been announced regarding an eventual release outside of the land of the rising sun.

Source: Nintendo Japan, IGN

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