Story DLC – Unappreciated?

RAAM's Shadow - A welcome change to the usual Multiplayer map packs?

With the recent release of the ‘RAAM’s Shadow’ downloadable content for Gears of War 3, it got me thinking, why don’t more developers for triple-A titles release DLC for their games’ story or campaign modes? It seems all too common nowadays that many major games ‘downloadable content’ usually just means ‘multiplayer map pack’ or some form of add-on for multiplayer modes only. Now personally, I love playing multiplayer and I like the idea of extra content for multiplayer as more maps can be fun to play on. I just don’t think that DLC should be purely multiplayer focused, as extra story content can add more replayability or more reason to continue playing a game other than just for multiplayer.

Downloadable content for a game’s story or a campaign can add more detail or more background story to characters, extend the story beyond the end of the game, or bring more information to the players on unseen events during the game’s story or before it. These are just a few possibilities of surely very many. Thankfully, not every developer only makes multiplayer-only DLC, as Epic have proved with RAAM’s Shadow, and has been proven many times before by other developers. Hopefully, more developers will follow suit and realise that DLC isn’t all about multiplayer map packs and extra weapons or weapon skins.

Often, the single player (or in many cases now, co-operative too) campaign or story of a game can be the best part of it. The story of a game can be a brilliant and immersive experience and in many cases better than the multiplayer elements, so it only feels right that any downloadable content should be for the story/campaign mode. This isn’t always the case, but campaign DLC is definitely a welcome change from the huge amount of “multiplayer map packs” available for download.

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