Microsoft’s 12 Days Of Xbox Deals Starts Now

Major Nelson has announced that Microsoft have launched 12 days of Xbox deals to celebrate the countdown to 2012. There will be a new deal every day and none of them will last more than a day so you’ll have to be quick to get them.

To start things off Bastion is available at a discount of 50% for today only, bringing it down to a tempting 600 Microsoft points. If you haven’t already played it then now is the time, as it’s a great game and well worth 600 of anyone’s points.

Tomorrows deal and the ones after that have yet to be revealed, but Major Nelson will be announcing them as they come.

He also took the time to remind everyone that there are a whole raft of special offers running on Xbox Live until January 2nd, such as Peggle for 400 points and Portal: Still Alive for 600 points.

This should keep you going till Christmas


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