Club Nintendo Revamped and Redesigned


M is for Mario

If you are a fan of Nintendo hardware or games, there is no reason not to be a member of Club Nintendo. The free rewards program gives coins for each game or console registered.  Nintendo gives roughly 1 coin per dollar spent which can be redeemed for Nintendo swag.

Recently the site went through a facelift and started offering 3DS and Wii downloadable games as possible rewards.  The site now is much easier to navigate and has a simpler UI.  It’s quick to register a game, quickly see what coins are available to be earned and what new rewards are up for grabs.  In the upper right, you can quickly check your progress toward each level of elite status.  If you register 300 or 600 within one calendar year, you get even more exclusive free swag.

So, if you own some recent Nintendo games or hardware, take a second and register, it’s free and easy.  Nintendo even offers free extended warranties on their hardware just for registering them.  The bang for the buck is too much to ignore, join today.



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