Hidden Gems Of The Steam Holiday Sale

With over 1000 games in the Steam Catalog its not easy to pick out the best ones – and its even harder to find the less promoted ones during their epic sales. Steam’s 2011 Holiday Sale is going on now until January 2nd. Hidden pages deep in the lists are hidden gems you might have otherwise missed.

Daily deals are excluded because of their limited window of availability. We also didnt mediocre games that just happen to be heavily discounted , or great games that are not as cheap as they should be (like Red Faction Guerrilla or Bad Company 2, which are both well worth the purchase but are regularly on sale for more than they currently are).

Only actually great games at actually great prices are included  – the true hidden gems of the Steam 2011 Holiday Sale:







Breakout + Classic Action Game = Shatter. Using a unique mechanic that allows you to push and pull objects, you will destroy those viscous block formations that hover around space and fight bosses on rectangular and spherical stages . Ever since Shatter’s original release on PS3 the game has been critically unappreciated, despite offering the most unique take on Breakout since the genre’s inception. Available now for just $2.50 – Shatter has dropped this low before, but if you still havent bought the game, this is your chance.



Demolition Inc.





Demolition Inc. is a relatively new release from an extremely obscure PC developer.  You play as an alien construction company tasked with the job of leveling Earth. Use a series of tools to cause inconspicuous destruction and finish the job before the Army arrives. For just $2.50 Destruction Inc. is a very fun action-strategy game with enough varied modes to keep you entertained for a lazy summer weekend.







eversion is an interesting take on the platformer genre,  hiding underneath the usual cute skin is a creepy interior. Like, CREEPY, worse than that backward version of the Lavender Town theme. Well crafted and unique, eversion provides a worthwhile experience through its  short story. Grab it for just $1.25.



SEGA Genesis Classics Packs





Each pack comes with 10 games – of varying quality – from the Sega Genesis era. But its safe to say each pack comes with a decent amount of good retro fun that is well emulated, and is well worth the purchase if you are easily affected by nostalgia. Each pack is just $3.75.



Street Fighter IV





While this version is outdated compared to Street Fighter IV:  Arcade Version, its just 1/4th of the price. If you enjoy the occasional foray into fighting games then this is the best deal you can get. For just $5 you are getting a well crafted and beautiful modern fighting game to play alone or with some friends.



The Mawsome Pack





The Maw was a hit indie game from 2009 – featuring an adorable main character who can kill just about anything. Guide Maw through a alien-world that is well constructed the whole way through. Only $3 for the game and all its DLC.

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