• Kaka_poopoo

    fuk u valve u trolls

    • zar

       Who’s a clever boy, then…


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  • I don’t actually see why the next game should be Episode 3. Haven’t they been aiming at having the main game plus two expansions every “generation” of Half Life? They did with the first one if I remember correctly, and they’ve so far done that for the 2nd… I think it could be time for a full, proper HL3 rather than a potentially disappointing expansion (disappointing only because of the wait and how expansions tend to be smaller and shorter, unless HL2:Ep3 was going to be 20 hours long :P)

    • TiFie

      Except Valve didn’t make HL:OP4 or HL:BS.

      • Storm024

        didn’t you read the credits? They did, they didn’t make decay but they did make Blue Shift and Opposing force (4 according to you.)

    • Dias

      Because when you’ve been working on something, the worst possible practice is to start over again. If the had completed the content that was in Episode 3, then they would have released Episode 3.

      They’ve just been working on other games & deliberately avoiding hyping up Episode 3. Doesn’t seem to matter now, people keep hyping it up anyway.

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  • Jacka

    Have people actually pulled this image up in Photoshop and looked at that blob? There is a mark there, certainly, but to call it a Lambda symbol is an enormous stretch.

    Merry Christmas, you crazy, crazy people.

    • random

      a stretch? you don’t know how valve works, it’s either them trolling “again” (see l4d the crossing, portal 2 ect..) or they’re being subtle like they usually do (ARG code/moving a specific radio to a specific area to get a broadcast, again ECT.) either way, gabe is swimming naked in a pool of hat money.
      oh and a merry christmas to you

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  • Emaldonado34

    Did anyone notice that the smoke from the spy’s cigarrete makes a “3” next to the lambda?