Platform Nation’s Games Of The Year: Wii

The Wii saw a bit of reality sink in this year; as Xbox 360 and PlayStation console sales numbers started to increase, Wii sales began to slip.  Fortunately, that doesn’t mean the top games for the Wii were not up to par.  So without further ado, here they are, Platform Nation’s Top 3 Games of the Year for the Wii category 2011. We will start off with Platform Nation’s number 3 pick and work our way to the #1 Platform Nation Wii Game of 2011.

3. Rayman Origins

Good to see Rayman make the list, as Rayman games always prove to be tons of fun. Rayman Origins brings all of the best aspects out of a platformer, and bundles it into a fun, addictive package.  The creative level designs and great graphics stand out, and that’s not easy to do on a console that features the platformer master himself, Mario.  Out of the Rayman series thus far, what is your favorite title and did we get this one right as number 3?

Go back to where it all began in the Glade of Dreams. Rayman is hastily called upon by the Fairy Council to save the Glade from some “nefurrious” Darktoons, but with a little help from his best friend Globox and two crafty wizards, the Teensies, Rayman just may be able to live up to his title as a hero of light. Together, this group will need to embark on a hilarious quest to restore peace to their home before it vanishes completely.

2. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Sticking with the platformer theme (a game style that Nintendo embraces fully), Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a gorgeous and imaginative addition to the Wii library, and had some fantastic gameplay elements. This game was one of those I was most looking forward to for the Wii. Since its announcement at E3, it has made a great running, and has landed in the number 2 slot for this year’s Wii Game of the Year.

Pull some strings and join Kirby on his most epic adventure yet. Featuring an all-new look and composition, the ever-morphing Kirby can take on new and exciting shapes, and even transform into powerful vehicles. His unique yarn structure allows him to easily change into a speedy racecar, a UFO or even a massive tank to take out his enemies. Kirby’s interactive textile terrain can easily be manipulated to reveal hidden areas and objects. Will you be able to string together the pieces you need to fulfill Kirby’s adventure?

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Now we know some of the Zelda Fans were a little heated over the handheld category, but the number 1 pick for the top Wii game of the year goes to your favorite game series!  Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the game that many Wii owners held out for, and that persistence paid off with what many are saying is the best Zelda game to date.  It’s no surprise to see this incredible game reach the top of the Wii chart for Game of the Year for Wii.  If you still own a Wii, and don’t own this game, then make this a top priority for your next purchase.

As you step through the brush, you sense something is off. You creep slowly toward the river that meanders through this small clearing. You peer into the water and only see your reflection staring back at you. Taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself, you turn around to look up and see a massive monster towering over you. Pulling your sword from its sheath and raising your shield — you look skyward and get ready for an epic battle.

And there you have it, wrapped up with a beautiful bow: the top 3 Platform Nation Wii games for 2011. Now, these games are picked by our writers and editors here at Platform Nation, and maybe you have a different opinion of what should have made the list. Either way if you disagree or agree, let us know in the comment section below.

Source (game descriptions) Best Buy

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