Custom Megaman Figure Goes For Legends… Marvel Legends

It’s only been recent that Megaman’s had a series of good action figures come out. Back in the day, he had figures based off his American cartoon. Beyond that, he had a figure in a Marvel VS. Capcom two-pack, but he’s largely been off shelves. There’s been a desperate need for what could be a very versatile toy line, and it looks like a certain toy customizer has filled it. John Mallamas, better known as “Jin Saotome” online, has been customizing action figures for years. He’s revealed his newest project, and Megaman fans will be happy.

After many years of fiddling around with parts and trying to get the image in my head I decided to have a go at it. A Marvel Legends 6″ scale Megaman! This figure was made from an Iron Man Armored Avenger Titanium Man body, DC Direct Flashpoint Cyborg lower arms/legs, play arts Cloud Strife face with a custom sculpted helmet. His Mega Buster blast came from some accessory and the elec-shield was from a FF4 movie Dr Doom. They’re magnetic and can be attached to the end of his Megabuster. I wanted to make a completely different design of Megaman but still keep him easily recognizable, paying homage to the original design. Here’s hoping I did the blue bomber proud.

In essence, the figure is a custom design for the character, based off various 6-inch figures from Marvel and DC.  The figure will likely hit his eBay shop in the near future, and end up costing more than the D-Arts equivalent.

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