Platform Nation’s Top 10 Games Of The Year

Here it is, the Platform Nation staff have come together and voted what we consider to be the Top 10 games of 2011. We have some really great games on the list and some surprises too! So let’s begin with number 10!

10. Dungeon Siege 3

You might be surprised to find Dungeon Siege 3 on the list, I have played the game myself and I do agree that for gamers that would enjoy a action role-playing game this is a great pick to be included in the Top 10. With four different completely unique characters you can play to re-establish the 10th Legion, and you can do this by completing quests and making your way through the land of Ehb. Here’s what Platform Nation Editor Tym had to say about the game.

vttym – Easy to grasp combat and no loading screens make this game quick to get into, and hard to put down.  Being able to play the game multiple times as different characters (who have different interactions to situations) is a nice touch, and building influence with your characters through the dialog interactions of others is often enjoyable.

9. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

This game was a fantastic game for PC gamers. As it has an amazing story and an equally good character that you play as. As you progress through the game, the people you meet, the quests you complete and the stories you create meld the Witcher into a unique personality.  These different paths also create multiple endings. I cannot wait for this game to hit Xbox 360’s because I got a feeling it will keep me busy for days. Here’s what Platform Nation Editor Tym had to say about the game.

vttymQuality characters with an intriguing and adult storyline, bogged down by clunky combat controls (for the keyboard).  Still, the world is one you will want to explore; it’s a shame the Xbox 360 release got pushed into 2012, as I’m certain it would have pushed this game further up the list.  As it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re talking about this game again next year.

8. L.A Noire

Having played this game to 100% I can say that this game definitely deserves to be on this list. And I’m surprised that it’s not higher. In L.A Noire you play as Detective Cole Phelps as he makes his way through the different desks of the LAPD, coming across some gruesome murders that can only be solved by the keen eye of Cole seeking out and following the clues to find the criminal. I do think that the story in this game was a little predictable, but it was still a really enjoyable experience that kept me hooked throughout.

7. Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City follows Arkham Asylum, which is a huge undertaking. After playing the first mission of Arkham City it’s easy to see why this game is on this list. If you know anything about the Batman universe and the characters then this game is for you. With Penguin, Freeze and of course The Joker as the main villains throughout the game. This game has become a huge hit. Here’s what Platform Nation’s Stewart Loosemore had to say about the game.

Stigweird85 – When Arkham Asylum was released everybody was amazed, it was a brilliant game and reunited the team behind the excellent animated series of the early 90s. After the huge success of AA there was concerns that lightning couldn’t strike twice and that Rocksteady couldn’t improve on the formula. After 5 minutes with AC it’s clear that these concerns were unfounded. AC takes everything good from AA and expands on it, improves on it. AC makes AA look like a tech demo.

6. Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 scared me to death. I’m not afraid to admit it. I could make my way through the original Dead Space but Dead Space 2 took  scary to the next level which is great because not many games in general can do horror as good as this. Dead Space 2 returns you to Isaac Clarke and the continuation of his story from the end of Dead Space. This game follows the story is Isaac’s insanity, as he has no memory of the last three years and doesn’t know where he is and who to trust. It’s no surprise Dead Space 2 is on this list.

RJMontalvo – I’m glad to see that Dead Space 2 made Platform Nation’s Top Ten List. It is easy for the smaller gems to be overlooked as the top tier releases flood the market towards the Holiday season. Dead Space 2 refined the original’s mix of 3rd Person Shooter with survival horror but also gave some interesting new mechanics to improve the gameplay.

5. Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row The Third is the most fun-packed insane game I’ve played this year and I’m so glad to find this game so high on the list. If you’ve not played any of the Saints Row series, imagine it like GTA but filled with crazy vehicles and story-lines wrapped in a huge city controller by multiple gangs. Between SR2 and SR3 the Saints gang have turned themselves into a media empire after merging with Ultor, this making them icons across the world, with their own energy drink (Saints Flow, hehe) and a movie deal in the works. Well it’s not surprising that not everyone is happy with this. Saints Row The Third is hours and hours of crazy fun that you should check out!

4. Modern Warfare 3

I was expecting Modern Warfare 3 to be just another Call of Duty game, over the years my excitement for the next CoD games is getting less and less. With the release of MW3 I think I was completely wrong as MW3 is a really great entry into the Call of Duty series. I am glad that Modern Warfare 3 wasn’t higher on this list and nothing spectacular really happened in this game. The single player campaign had some huge set pieces and an amazing story, and even the redesigned multiplayer system was fantastic. These are all things that we expect from a Call of Duty game, and I’m sure when they release another one next year I’ll be in the same position saying the same things.

3. Gears of War 3

The Gears are back and this time the world is pretty messed up. The Locust army are getting bigger and bigger and the only people that can stop them are Marcus Fenix and his team of Gears. Not only do you have the Locust, but you have the Lambent also growing in force. The Locust Queen Myrrah will do anything to stop the Gears and this game follows the story of the Gears trying to wipe out the Lambent. I really enjoyed playing the Gears story, you get some great character development and some huge set pieces that make Gears 3 a game to remember.

2. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Uncharted 3 is a close second for our choice of Game of the Year. If you’ve played either Uncharted 2 or 3 then you should know why the game is so hugely adored within the gaming community. Drake is an extremely likeable character and in this game he gets himself into some more trouble. This time the story revolves around Sir Francis Drake’s ring and the mysteries and secrets surrounding it. Sully is also back and joins Drake on his adventures across the world. Here’s what Jeff Jones had to say about Uncharted 3.

Jeff Jones – My pick for game of the year is Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.  The story took hold of me and didn’t let me go until the end.  The visuals were stunning, settings were fantastic and the gameplay and puzzles were just right.  When I was playing it I didn’t want to stop, and it was about all I could think about when I wasn’t playing.  The review captured my thoughts and feelings on the game well.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I could type paragraphs on how I’ve spent over 100 hours running around the vast, deep and amazing lands of Skyrim, but I think the Platform Nation writers have captured this perfectly. Skyrim is Platform Nation’s Game of the Year 2011 and it is well deserved. Here’s why.

Vincent Lynch – Elder Scrolls: Oblivion sucked me in for hundreds of hours of gameplay – its vast landscapes and narrative remains one of my favorite game experiences to this day. But as I explored the caves and wilderness of Cyrodil  I was constantly aware of the games many flaws – the basic AI, the utterly dull combat, the repetitive dungeon designs.

Now as I return to the medieval world of Skyrim I am able to enjoy the same immersion in the world, and the much improved game mechanics make the game click with me to create a great game, not just a great experience.Skyrim is without a doubt one of the best games of the year, despite its many bugs, and if you enjoy the freedom of open-ended quests and limited exploring there is no doubt you will love Skyrim too.

Tym Kaywork – What else is there to say that hasn’t been said? This game is epic on a scale that is surpassed only by MMOs.  You don’t just play Skyrim, you live it; you will become invested in the issues that are affecting Skyrim, and as you plod down the paths opened to you, you will feel like you are impacting an actual world. I don’t know too many games that I can play for 90 hours, and still want to play more as another character.

Dominic Johnson – Skyrim has run my life for the past two weeks. It’s absolutely engrossing. I haven’t even begun to grow tired of exploring new parts of Skyrim, and fighting dragons, personally, is one the best parts of the game. Nothing feels overly repetitive, and balancing good and evil quests has finally reached a balance. It’s fun being able to finish a Dark Brotherhood quest, and immediately after complete a Legion quest without EVERYTHING attacking you at once. Bethesda has done an absolutely amazing job at creating this new world to explore. It’s absolutely gorgeous, I can’t believe it’s run on the same engine.

To comment on the bugs though, I absolutely love them. I think it wouldn’t be an Elder Scrolls game without giants sending you soaring through the air, or without at least a dragon or two flying backwards.

James Rogerson – I love a game with a good story, and the main plot may not quite achieve that in Skyrim, but instead it lets you carve out your own stories. Whether it’s skulking around Windhelm in the dead of night, robbing the mansions of the rich and privileged. Or exploring ancient Dwemer citadels, trying to puzzle out the mystery of their disappearance, there’s always a new adventure and a new story. And they’re almost always driven by your own decisions. After dozens of hours I did start to see the strings being pulled and I’m still not entirely happy with the leveling system, but in these days of ten hour games Skyrim stands as a monumental achievement.


There you have it Platform Nation the top ten games of 2011!  Now this is  list was complied  by the writers and editors of Platform Nation from the games they played in 2011.  So do you agree with the list?  Maybe you would have picked a different game for the number one spot?  Whatever the case let us know what you think below.

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  • Leslie Wells

    Honestly I’m sick of it….all of the positive reviews that Skyrim is getting how is it that we as a gaming community allow companies like Bethesda to “RELEASE GAMES THAT ARE NOT FINISHED” imho I feel that with all of the issues and bugs that skyrim has faced the only award that this game deserves is the biggest disappointment of 2011…that and I have seen cases in which Skyrim was directly responsible for the death of a game console. Although rare these instances may be, seriously Bethesda 1st Rage and now you guys lay this shit on us?

    • Sharingan

      I lay shit on you skyrim is an amazing game and you just don’t understand shit about games you jackass. You can go stuf your self and play crap Like runescape

      • Tanto

        skyrim is terrible. Broken combat, lame story, lame characters

        Its considered a joke mainstream fake rpg in real rpg circles.

        Most people consider radiant historia, a ds game better than it in every area

    • Alex B

      There’s a reason Bethesda’s games have bugs in them. The open world gameplay just allows for so many variables that unless they spent a year JUST finding bugs, there’s nothing they can do. Plus, bugs affect the minority of players (except that PS3 game breaking glitch). In my experience of 200 hours of Skyrim, the only thing I have experienced is being launched into the air by a Giant, and that’s amusing. To say the game isn’t finished is just ignorant.

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  • No Battlefield 3 = Fail! 🙁

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  • Vishal

    its between Uc3 and Skyrim only……….both great games but skyrim edging out……..

  • Nearly forgot dead space 2 came out this year!

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  • Tanto

    Your choice of rpgs is terrible to be quite honest.

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  • Geminiace

    Considering PN is for gamers by gamers, I think they do very well. Nobody is perfect. Respect the opinions and the work that goes into it before you decide to try to tear it down.