Star Wars The Old Republic PvP & Opinions Video

Welcome back Star Wars junkies, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Today I have another Star Wars Old Republic video for you from The Holoterminal, along with some general discussion of the game. If you have been listening to me podcasting here in Platform Nation, you know that I have been consumed by this game. I seem to remember predicting this storm some months back, yet the reality is proving to be far worse than some might have realized. And though we may be caught in the midst of the storm my friends, it feels oh so good to ride the wave. In the video bellow I show you some of the player versus player combat in SWTOR through the eyes of a Jedi Knight, as I chop my way through the Voidstar Warzone. As always, I provide you with commentary, where I discuss my first impressions of Bioware’s ambitious MMO along side my good friend Brian Webb. Be sure to stay until after the credits if you want a nice chuckle.

I will be having more guides and update videos coming down the pipe soon, so be on the look out for those. Thanks for watching, and happy holidays to everyone in the Platform Nation community!

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