Xbox Avatars Go Dark And Brooding

Xbox Avatars, designed by Rare and gamers, will be losing guns come the new year. If you want your digital interpretation waving around a Lancer from Gears of War, get it now. To prepare a few gamers for this loss, Xbox has decided to arm them with different weaponry. Thanks to a new collection of Avatar items, players will be using fangs and fearsome claws instead of guns.

For the Twilight fans out there who own an Xbox (all minus three of them), Microsoft has released a horror-themed set of items for Avatars. Players can now become vampires, werewolves, or even take on traits of them. It may be vampire wings or just sets of armor (or even a pet werewolf), but characters can now turn into members of Team Jacob or Team Edward.

Is that how it works? Shouldn’t Blade and Dante be slaying these midnight denizens without pause?

All the items are 240 MS Points for nothing but polygons, but if you want to play dress up, go for it.

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  • Derek K.

    This may be the most bitter, stereotypical, and uninformed thing I’ve read on the site. I can’t decide whether I’m more annoyed by the implication that all horror is a Twilight knock-off, the mass insulting of a fandom (sort of the equivalent of the “hey, you play xbox? Good luck moving out if the basement when you never meet a girl, loser!” thing) or the off hand slamming of everyone who buys avatar gear.

    In any case, way to troll!

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