Star Wars The Old Republic: Holoterminal Ep. 5-7

Welcome back everyone! New comers, happy to see ya. Last night, me and my good friend Brian spent our evening putting together three more short videos for your enjoyment that I would like to share with you today. We have a lot of fun putting these together for everyone in the Star Wars community, and we can get on a roll once we get a rhythm going (and a few beers). In the Holoterminal videos we try to provide you with honest and informative commentary about The Old Republic. In episode five we show you a compilation of gameplay footage, including a little space combat, while discussing security keys and how to go about setting them up on your phone, along with the news from the latest patch notes; and of course, we throw in a bit of good natured humor for you to chuckle over.

 Patch Notes Rock Out

In episode six I try and give you some pointers for keybinding options for not only SWTOR, but for other MMO’s as well. Just the other day me and a friend of mine were wondering why modern MMO’s don’t come with a professionally crafted (and optional) set of keybindings for each class in the game. Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to at least have the option for not only your current skills, but the skills you would gain in future levels to be already bound to an optimal layout that was crafted by the developers themselves? Or if not the developers, how about bringing in input from some of the more ‘renowned’ MMO players out there? Well, sadly I am not a renowned MMO player, but I do have a fair amount of experience in the field. So be sure to give this short video a look.

Keybinding Tips

Finally, episode seven covers some of the general details about the game’s Legacy System, and its future. I was excited when I first read the dev post on the forums regarding this system some months back, and here I try and clear up any questions about it. It is basically a reward system that applies to every character you have on a given server. Be sure to watch the video to find out more!

The Legacy System

Thank you for watching, see you next time.

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