Steam Holiday Sale – 12/28/11

FINALLY! I have been waiting this entire sale for Dungeon Defenders to pop up on this list. Today is a happy day for me. Now, for the rest of you, today’s deals are:

  • Homefront – ($7.49)
  • Machinarium – ($2.49)
  • Serious Sam Franchise Sale – (All Serious Sam games 50%-90% off)
  • SPAZ – Space Pirates and Zombies – ($2.49)
  • Dungeon Defenders – ($3.74)
  • Tomb Raider Franchise Sale – (75% off)
  • Assassins Creed Pack – ($59.99)
  • Hearts of Iron III Collection – ($7.49)
  • Two Worlds Epic Edition – ($6.79)
    – Two Worlds II – ($13.59)
    – Two Worlds II: Castle Defense – ($4.07)
    – Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress – ($10.19)
  • Revenge of the Titans – ($2.49)
  • Section 8: Prejudice – ($3.74)
  • Dead Space – ($4.99)
  • Dead Space 2 – ($4.99)
As stated earlier, I jumped on that Dungeon Defenders deal, and so should everyone else. The Serious Sam HD Double Pack is also an amazing deal for $2.99. And despite my own personal gripe with EA and it’s business practices, Dead Space and Dead Space 2 were both amazing titles, even for those not that into the horror genre (like myself) and are a steal for 4.99 each. I also have to mention Machinarium, a very fun and challenging little point and click adventure set in a beautifully drawn little world, so I suggest everyone snag that for $2.49 as well.
Very good stuff today. Make sure you keep checking Platform Nation for our continued coverage of the Steam Holiday Sale.


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  • Anonymous

    I would seriously vote against Serious Sam HD – the games are just so stupid. Its not the style of the games I object to, but the execution. Here… walk into a room the size of a closet and as soon as you do we will spawn enemies all around you out of thin air. No thanks! There are 100s of more compelling experiences worth playing over this thrown together and sloppy game.

    • Sam Stone

      shut your whore mouth

  • Anonymous

    Oh by no means is Serious Sam a title that you’d pick up for it’s story. But playing it with a few friends makes for such a hectic run-and-gun shooter it’s amazingly fun.

    Also that game is super old, and if you compare it to the likes of Quake and Unreal Tournament, and shooters of that era it makes sense. It’s a nice throwback of old times, as it were.