The Joystiq Exodus Leads To Vox Media

Do you remember earlier this year when editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky and several other editors left Engadget to start a new gadget site at Vox Media that ended up being called The Verge? Well, it looks like history is repeating itself.

Four of the top editors at Joystiq are leaving the video game news site for greener pastures. At the moment, it’s only confirmed that former editor-in-chief Christ Grant will be making his way to Vox Media to start a new gaming-oriented site, but it seems safe to say managing editor Justin McElroy, reviews editor Griffin McElroy, and previews editor Arthur Gies will most likely be involved.

It’s important to note that with the Engadget exodus, the reason was differences in opinions between AOL’s way of running the news (page views-first) and Topolsky and company’s way of running the news (content-first). With Joystiq, it appears to be mostly amicable; the four former Joystiq-ers are simply looking for more opportunity. In all likelihood, this may also pave the way for finding homes for former GamePro writers.

Ludwig Kietzmann will be making the jump from senior editor to editor-in-chief for Joystiq, JC Fletcher will become managing editor, and Richard Mitchell will take over reviews. Contributing editors Alexander Sliwinski and Ben Gilbert will be taking the titles of news editor and senior reporter respectively. Finally, contributor Dave Hinkle and weekend editors Jordan Mallory and Jess Conditt will all be gaining ranks as well.

Best of luck to the four adventurers in their new endeavor and to newly ex-South African Kietzmann as editor-in-chief. Joystiq is in good hands.

Source: Joystiq

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting article, hadn’t heard about this. Personally glad to see Justin McElroy going, never liked his writing or style – and it might be best if most of the GamePro staff stays unemployed (everyone seems to forget their terrible quality and multiple counts of plagiarism now that they are gone…).