Nintendo, EA, Sony Pull SOPA Support

I honestly don’t see how even the notion of passing SOPA is still around. It seems to be that when something is technology-related and Google thinks it’s a bad idea, you should listen. I’m not saying Google should be the grand arbiter in every facet of your everyday life, but SOPA and PIPA have been a classic case of the informed versus the empowered.

Just read this letter from the Internet’s top engineers and try to tell me there’s any good reason for SOPA to pass.

It seems, though, that more and more are becoming informed. The Business Software Alliance, a trade group representing software makers like Apple and Microsoft, pulled their support last month (while still commending the idea of the bill) and now Nintendo, Electronic Arts, and Sony Electronics have also backed out.

As Joystiq points out, though, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, and Sony Music Nashville still show up on the list of supporters. If you’re still unsure about SOPA, look at the list of those in favor and those against and decide if you’d rather be on the side of the MPAA, RIAA, and L’Orèal or the side of Facebook, Twitter, and the EFF.

This impending blackout should frighten everyone a bit, so contact your local representative. It’s not too late!

Source: Joystiq

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