Tails To Fly High In “Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2”

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 has almost been forgotten over the past year. With Sonic Generations being a solid new adventure that took on elements of the old Genesis games, and Sonic CD recently proving to be one of the best digital downloads for the hero, the rather weakly-received Sonic 4 only ever came up when people wondered when Episode 2 would come out. SEGA’s thrown the curtain off the project today, revealing two major elements.

First off, and mentioned in previous interviews, the lead villain for this episode will be Metal Sonic. This was initially revealed when Sonic CD was mentioned as a “prequel of sorts” to this episode. Adding to this return, Tails has been confirmed to join Sonic in the title. While no confirmation of how, it can be assumed he’ll be playable, maybe even joining Sonic as an assistance/annoyance (if you played a Special Stage in Sonic 2, or Carnival Night Zone in Sonic 3, you know how much of a hinderance he can be). Tails recently did join Sonic in the fight against Metal Sonic in the port of Sonic CD for digital download.

Source: SEGA

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  • I love Tails. Used to spend hours playing Sonic 2 with friends on the Genesis. Glad to see him back. Never could figure out why people hated him so much.