Mr. Karate As The Next Downloadable Character In The King Of Fighters XIII

SNK-Playmore and Atlus uploaded videos of what the third downloadable character, Mr. Karate, will play like before he arrives in Jan. 10.

As the alternate persona of the Art of Fighting’s Takuma, Mr. Karate plays very similar to his normal self but has some modified moves to cater a different style of play.

His fireball special move still exists but as an invisible projectile and only for close range play unlike Takuma which can be used to space opponents. Mr. Karate can counter where he can immediately move to his opponent and the EX version can have him unleash an air ground pound as a way to punish.

Mr. Karate’s playstyle seems to aim at capitalizing mistakes and doing followup attacks. His Neomax attack can be easily performed during a ground punish and even when performing a dragon punch anti-air.

Takuma’s alternate personality will be available as DLC on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for $5 and 400 Microsoft Points respectively. The release of Mr. Karate will also bring in a new patch in fixing bugs and improving the online netcode. In regards to NESTS Kyo for the PlayStation Network, he will be available on Jan. 1 due to a technical error.

Source: iPlayWinner

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