Nintendo Wii-U To Feature Their Own App Store

When the Wii U releases, Nintendo will provide a new app store for their new upcoming system that’s designed to not only be different but vastly beyond what the older iterations provided.

Coming from iPad-based newsletter The Daily, Nintendo said that their yet unnamed store will provide a more open variety of apps apart from the more “light” programs such as calculators and smaller games that exist in the DSi Shop and Wii Shop.

While there isn’t an official list of apps to be available in the new store, The Daily confirmed that MLB.TV will be available in the store. That app will run on the main Wii U console while others will be able to be used on the controller unit alone.

As The Daily cited, there isn’t anymore info including its currency system as of yet. It’s still expected to arrive in the second half of 2012 but people who attend the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show can check out the Wii U there.

Source: The Daily

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