Zero Legends To Join Megaman Legends… In Plastic

Megaman Legends 3 is nothing but scrapped code at this point. The death of that project doesn’t stop people from creating their own Legends. Toy customizer “Jin Saotome” created a version of Megaman in the Marvel Legends style (not of the more fitting Megaman Legends style), if only to tease people, as there’s only one of this figure and design in existence. To up the ante, Jin has teased a new figure, but has revealed zero details.

Well, Zero details. Taking his own look at the blonde hero from the Megaman X era, Zero seems to come with his standard issue sword and blaster. His flowing locks are also posable, and is likely based primarily off of DC and Marvel figures. While the full page and details haven’t been revealed yet, chances are it’ll hit auction down the road, alongside having a full breakdown of what was done to the gestalt figure.

Do you like his Zero design?

Source: Twitter

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