Bandai Entertainment Closing Distribution In North America

Years ago, Bandai and Namco merged their businesses into Namco Bandai Holdings. Gamers see this result in Namco Bandai Games. That label has released multiple anime-related games such as .hack//, the Naruto and Dragonball games, while Bandai and Koei have released the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games, the latest titles based off of their franchises. To start the year off with some depressing news, their anime and manga branches are shuttering production.

Bandai Entertainment will stop releasing manga, BluRays, and DVDs as of next month. They’ve been notable in releasing series such as Gundam, Gurren Lagann, Lucky Star, and others. In recent years, they’ve been rather small on the home release front, in the face of the near-unstoppable anime juggernaut FUNimation and the dominant Viz in print. While the move will unlikely affect their games directly, the lack of a guaranteed release of Gundam in other media might lower the chance of releasing games based off the franchise. Bandai will instead focus on licensing the brands to other companies for release.

Personal bets are that we’ll see Gundam on the FUNimation Channel by the end of the year.

Source: ANN

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