Retrode 2 Brings 2 Retro Consoles To Your USB Drive

If you’re in your twenties, you likely have stacks of old Genesis and Super Nintendo games lying around. They may be on display, they may be boxed, but chances are you’ve moved to having the current systems hooked up, if only to save space. If you want to play the games from this generation, you’d have to get their digital iterations downloaded, whip out the console, or go the illegal route with emulators. Sometimes, you just want to play a game that’s not available legally, and you already own the cartridge.

Retrode 2 looks to be the answer to that problem. With two controller ports and a slot designated for both of the 16-bit juggernauts, players can just simply connect their Retrode 2 to their computer via USB. The OS will recognize it as a mass storage device, and using whatever emulator you chose, will use the game’s ROM to play with. Future plug-in adapters will expand the options (new consoles?). On January 23rd, the adapter will be released for $84.99. At that price, you might just want to hook up your old console, but for the legitimate emulator user, this looks to be your best bet.

Source: Stone Age Gamer via Engadget

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