Rumour – Wii U To Compete With Kindle And iBookstore

Take this was a whole mountains worth of salt grains but an unknown “insider” has said that Nintendo will introduce E-Reader capabilities in their next console. The “insider” goes on to state that this feature will later be added to the 3DS as well. The “insider” seems to be very well connected as he/she also claims that one intention for this feature is to allow for official strategy guides to released for the virtual console games.

You may have noticed that I kept referring to the insider in this rumour as “insider” that is to say that I am more than a little dubious about the veracity of his claims. While I can see the logic behind the suggestions – what tablet like device or Smartphone doesn’t have an e-reader function these days.  However this list does read a little like a wish list or the ramblings of a boastful 10 year old – My Dad is the strongest in the world, his car has a rocket boost and it can do this or that etc.

Source: CVG

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