Wii U Zelda Will Not Take Place In Skyward Sword’s World

Zelda fans that are in love with Skyward Sword‘s art style (a mix of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker) may find this a bit of a bummer. In the most recent issue of Game Informer, The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Anouma explained that due to Skyward Sword‘s prequel nature it would be too difficult to continue any new adventures in that specific world. What does this mean? Basically, we will be seeing something entirely different and new for Wii U. Although “different” and “new” may just mean awesome HD graphics added to a Twilight Princess look-alike. Which I, and probably the world, would embrace with open, HDMI-ready arms.

“With Wind Waker, the graphics were suited to handheld gaming. Also the game ended with Link embarking on a journey, so it left open the possibility of what comes after the game. With Skyward Sword, positioning it as the first Zelda game means everything else connects to it and comes after it. It becomes a little bit difficult to do something else within that world and certainly much more difficult to do something that comes before it.”


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  • i expected this skyward sword was just made to give the series it’s roots

  • Guest

    Hopefully a dark game like Majora’s mask with, twilight princess graphics that would be nice

    • HappyMaskSaleman95

      I think that your idea is a good one! Like how OOT was introducing 3-D Hyrule and how it was so happy and bright (as in tone/mood/setting), majoras mask turned to a different side of things- a darker, more twisted psychotic plot and setting. I think the sequel needs to ditch these graphics (my opinion, feel free to nicely disagree) and come up with something darker. Overall, I am very happy with Nintendo and they’re products. I’m just putting in my 2 cents.

      I have been craving something for Majoras Mask though. I think that there needs to be more talk about the Hero of Time in Termina and what happens between Hyrule and traveling to Termina and what happens after Termina. We kind of get an idea of what happens after because *HYRULE HOSTORIA CONFIRMED THAT THE “HERO SHADE” FROM TWILIGHT PRINCESS IS THE SAME LINK FROM OCARINA OF TIME AND MAJORAS MASK!* so, does that mean that after Termina, Link departed to Hyrule, got lost without Navi, Tatl, and Teal by his side, and turned into a Staflos? The Hero Shad looks like a Staflos, and is confirmed to be Link!

  • Truth

    What’s with this modern day, I hope they make it dark nature. No wonder the new generation of children is lost; because their fathers and mothers to be are immune to evil. Let good prevail and creativity continue. Thus I say, death to monotone xbox and microsoft’s hunger for one dimentional FPS.

  • Truth

    How wonderful that we have Nintendo. All you Sega, atari, 3DO…….Intellivision. Take heed, this honorable company from Kyoto Japan has kept gaming true to form and reality. Where diverse creativity and minds dreams are been minted. Adventure in Mario, Zelda and Metroid. Final fantasy come home; how glorious will final fantasy XIII-2 be on this wonderful Wii U machine. Mass effect three on a Nintendo platform. Let us JRPG with last story 2 and XENOBLADE 2 chronicles extended.

  • Truth

    Mr. Miyamoto, Mr. Fils Ame, Mr. Satoru Sibata ( president nintendo Europe ), Mr. Conrad Abbott( President Nintendo of Canada), gentlemen heed this, Seven months into the Wii U; release a Metroid like non other. Seven after that a Mario wonder, then hit us with a Zelda worth drooling over. While encouraging third parties and advertising for them; especially the guys that make MONSTER HUNTER, OKAMI and the maker of Cave Story.

  • Weriseatnight

    more of a majoras mask feel. with an older link and a tad more violent. jus a tad lol

  • Dovahkiin

    This game will be beautiful no matter how you paint it.

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  • Anonymous

    well that is a no brainier, this is before many zeldas so how the heck could it take place there if you know the plot. it could not. i have been reading about the future game on and it sounds like it will be a mix of the best of the best zeldas with more then 1 way to fight battles. kind of like a dragon age 2 setup that allows more then 1 rpg type. it will have dark elements but also be the colorful happy zelda we all know and love.