PlayStation Plus Update

The best kind of math

Since it kicked off in the Summer of 2010, I’ve been excited each month about the PlayStation Plus update.  Having only purchased my PS3 three months earlier, it seemed the most economic way for me to catch up on missed franchises while staying current with the newest releases. It has and continues to do this and more.  Month after month, great PSN games are either free or deeply discounted (50%+).  This month is no exception, Swords and Soldiers and the complete Back to the Future Series are free this month as well as several PSone Classics.

But the perks don’t stop there.  As a PS+ subscriber, you get to schedule automatic backups, trophy syncing, system updates and game installs.  You get 150 MB of cloud save storage and a lot of early and exclusive access to betas and game trials.

If you like a value and love PlayStation, PlayStation Plus is a no-brainer.  Get a subscription and you’ll see what I mean.


Source: PlayStation Plus

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