Star Wars The Old Republic: The Holoterminal Ep. 8

What is up Platform Nation and fellow Star Wars The Old Republic fans? Got another episode of The Holoterminal to share with you today. In Episode 8 I cover some tips that might help you level faster once you start getting to the later planets and levels in the game. I also go over some of the repercussions of the last patch, going over the changes to slicing and the rewards received from warzones, along with some slightly disturbing incidents and rumors that have been popping up in the forum community. Unfortunately, my co-host Brian Webb wasn’t able to make it to the show this time around, but he should be back next time.

If you are a new viewer, or haven’t seen any of my previous episodes, The Holoterminal is an on going video podcast series devoted to BioWare’s first MMO, Star Wars The Old Republic. In them I try to give you honest and informative insight into the game from a player’s perspective, along with a bit of light-hearted comedy.

Thank you for watching, see you next time!

 Ep. 8- Tips & Rumors

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