GameStop And THQ Team Up To Bring Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus DLC For UFC Undisputed 3

GameStop has once again secured an exclusive Pre-Order bonus that will only help further solidify their grip on the video game retail landscape. The UFC Undisputed franchise is much beloved amongst hardcore gamers, and has garnered critical praise for its complex-yet-satisfying mechanics that reward a player for learning its intricacies. With the GameStop exclusive “Contender DLC,” you’ll be able to download multiple UFC stars to help fill out your Undisputed roster. Check out the video below from THQ and GameStop highlighting all the DLC’s full details.

Whether you like their policies or not, GameStop continues to provide some of the Industry’s best exclusives for in-game content. If UFC Undisputed 3 is already a game on your radar, then why not head on over to GameStop and grab the Contender DLC pre-order bonus while you still have a chance.

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  • Damn you THQ! Why GameStop? Anyone but GameStop!