Japanese Fighter Phantom Breaker Planned For North American Release

Along with the rest of the upcoming fighting games planned for release later this year, Japanese developer 5pb wants to get involved by bringing their fighter Phantom Breaker to North America.

Only released on Xbox 360, Phantom Breaker was originally released in June 2011 exclusively to Japanese retailers. Publisher Southpeak Interactive are tasked in bringing this game to North America under the imprint of 7Sixty.

The game’s story takes place in a Tokyo tournament held by a mysterious organization, who will grant the winner a wish of their choosing. While it consists of mostly original female fighters, it also includes Kurisu Makise and Rimi Sakihata from 5pb’s own visual novel games Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head Noah .

Phantom Breaker will be released in a limited edition set with a small strategy guide, art from the game, a desk calendar and two double-sided posters. It’s aimed for an early 2012 release.

Source: Siliconera (1, 2)

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