More Content Coming For The Binding Of Issac

According to a recent announcement, the indie hit The Binding of Issac will soon feature more content, and will be ported to another platform.

Co-developer Edmund McMillen proclaimed on his Twitter feed that The Binding of Issac will be having an expansion pack. In the past few days, McMillen was in conflict of what the offical title should be until he ultimately chose “The Wrath of the Lamb,” and referred it as a “mega expansion.”

In his Formspring, McMillen answered that the expansion will expand the game by adding “at least 50% [more] than what it is already in-game.” There will also be five additional pieces in the expansion. In terms of future content, McMillan also confirmed that there won’t be any after The Wrath of the Lamb releases.

McMillen also talked about bringing The Binding of Issac and its expansion to the Nintendo 3DS. For now, the PC version of the game will have the only expansion within ” the next 2-4 months.”

Source: G4TV (includes McMillen’s Twitter and Formspring), Joystiq

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