Rayman Origins 3DS Gets European Release Date

During last Fall’s influx of top-tier games, one little platformer released in what may have been the worst time for such a game. While everyone played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 all night and fought dragons in Skyrim, Ubisoft’s return-to-basics Rayman Origins rocked the old-school platformer vibe from its opening credits to the game’s final boss. Now Ubisoft has announced that Origins will be releasing in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS on March 16th, but has yet to confirm any stateside release date. This means two great things: an already beautiful game getting the chance to look even more eye-popping with actual 3D effects (if they’re good) thrown in, and a chance for the game to hopefully catch more eyes than the original did last November. Any fan of games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii should definitely look forward to the announcement for the US release date.


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