Colonial Marines Gets a Collector’s Edition

Gearbox Software. On the one hand, they released the supremely awesome Borderlands, but on the other…Duke Nukem Forever. Alright, sure, we can’t completely blame them for that one — a team can only do so much — but they did release it (much to the detriment of our wallets and all-around faith in humanity). I guess what I’m trying to say is I love Aliens, so please oh please oh please don’t let Aliens: Colonial Marines turn out like Duke.

Although the game’s release has been a long time coming, this new image of the Collector’s Edition gives hope that we may be nearing the end.

The Collector’s Edition has yet to be confirmed by Sega or Gearbox, but the picture leaves little room for doubt. The CE appears to contain concept art, a limited edition version of the game, cloth patches, and a resin statue.

There’s still no word on the release date or price, but we’ll keep you informed as more information is revealed.

Info comes from Gamekyo

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