Rumour – Xbox 720 To Be Tablet Based?

A rumour is circulating the internet (thanks to GameSpot) that the next Xbox console, whenever it is released, will take more than a page out of Nintendo’s book by also utilising a tablet.

There are strong signs suggesting that, like with Nintendo’s Wii U, a tablet component figures heavily into the new design. That saucy Windows 8 Metro interface (now also seen on the Xbox Dashboard) just begs to be touched.

Personally I think this is a rumour you can ignore; after investing in Kinect the last thing Microsoft will be doing is offering another “innovative” way to control your console and your games. The 360 successor will likely have Kinect 2.0 built in and will (as it can just now) be used to navigate around the dashboard, so you can pretend to be like Tom Cruise in Minority Report (or is that just me?).  What is possible is that Microsoft will incorporate a way to connect an existing tablet, be it an Android or iOS device, which then offers some control over your console.

Another rumour that did the rounds last year is that Microsoft will release two different models. One will be the basic budget system, the other the bells and whistles edition.

It’s worth noting that nothing has been confirmed and nothing will likely get confirmed until CES where it is again rumoured that the  Xbox 720 will be revealed.  On a side note can we stop calling it the 720; it’s just silly. I suggest we name it the NeXbox.

Source: CVG, GameSpot

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  • dave

    Gonzo isn’t an alien?!  SHIT.

  • I sincerely hope not. Tablets and game consoles are like apples and oranges. NEVER the twain shall meet. I for one would not purchase a console with a tablet peripheral. For one thing, a standard controller is already $50-60. Imagine if you needed to buy another, or two! Or if it breaks. Not to mention the awkward ergonomics. Just not a fit. I saw the Wii U and thought “thats hideous”, “That’ll sell like milli-vanilli post-scandal”. I wont be buying a Wii U as such, and wouldnt buy a 720 or PS4 for the same reason. I like my console controllers the way they are!

  • Jab032

    the wii u will be able all of the wii peripherals even the classic pro controlers. now if you don’t have all of the peripherals for the regular wii for the wii u then it sucks to be u. if ppl are so worried about their expensive controler being broken they should take better care of their stuff or do the lazy way…..don’t buy it and bash nintendo when they’re at millions….again. 

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