CoD Elite iOS App Out Now – Android Next Week

The much anticipated mobile apps for Call of Duty Elite  are finally here. The free app is available from the iTunes store now and is set to release for Android devices in the coming week.

The phone apps, while not offering all of the features of the Elite website, will allow you to check  your career stats, recent matches and current challenge progress. Perhaps the most useful function of the app is the ability to create a new loadout which can then be sent to your console ready for use the next time you sign in.

Dan Amrich of OneOfSwords also has added that while developers Beachhead liked the idea of a Windows 7 phone app, there was currently no concrete plans to do so.

Source: OneOfSwords

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  • The app sounds awesome if it would work.  Downloaded the app and of course you can’t log in.  Just another benefit of the CoD Elite program.