OnLive Desktop Takes Gaming Tech To Task

OnLive, the company that streams games to all manner of tech, has decided to branch out into something new. Their technology has been focused on bringing major computer games to the masses, regardless of their technological capabilities. In essence, they can be summed up as letting netbook users play Crysis at the highest settings, thanks to streaming the game footage from the cloud, and sending game commands upwards to it. They’ve run into a problem, though: everyone may be gaming at night, but nobody’s using the service during the day,and the servers are getting dusty.

Time to go to work! OnLive has announced OnLive Desktop, allowing users to access a remote Windows 7 desktop, and also granting them access to Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. The app will launch on iPad this Thursday, and soon move to other platforms. It may not be the most fun use of the technology, but hey, it’s useful.

Still no word on when the actual gameplay functionality will be extended to iOS, since the app seems to be awaiting approval.

Have you used OnLive for gaming? Will you use it for the fun world of word processing?

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