UFC Rio 142 Jose Aldo Vs Chad Mendes Fight Sim

THQ just sent us this new video for their upcoming UFC game, UFC Undisputed 3. Below you can see the video where they predict the outcome of the upcoming UFC 142 title match between Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes. It’s a pretty close match in the simulation, just like how I feel the match will actually play out. Anyways, enjoy the video below, and if you’re interested into UFC Undisputed 3, go ahead and start getting excited now as the game is just over a month away from release. Speaking of it’s release, if you click the link to the game, Amazon has a pretty good deal right now on UFC Undisputed 3 pre-orders.

So who do you have winning this match up? I’m going to have to go with the current champion, Jose Aldo, he’s just so fast. You can also head on over to their Facebook page where you can predict the winner and have a chance to win some free gear.

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