Mad Catz Providing Line Of Official Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Sticks And Controllers

As Street Fighter X Tekken is nearing its early March release, controller company Mad Catz is continuing its contribution to fighting games with their own new set of controllers released alongside the game.

Renowned in the fighting game community for their Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition series, Mad Catz was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showing off their new line of products for Street Fighter X Tekken.

While initially having a limited run of their FightStick Pro models back in late 2011, they have returned with a new black look (replacing the bright red motif) and new artwork. A new arcade stick, different from the Tournament Edition sticks and the FightStick Pros, are the Versus Series (also known as the V.S.). The Versus Series uses Sanwa Denshi arcade buttons and joysticks much like their other sticks, but what makes it unique is the ability to physically link two of them through the use of a connector kit. Their FightPad series also makes a return with some minor touches including button layout modifications, a “15% smaller chassis than previous FightPad designs” and that the PlayStation 3 version is now wired.

Currently these sticks are now available on pre-order through GameShark. While not provided with an official release date, it will likely be available as Street Fighter X Tekken closes in on Mar. 6, 2012.

Source: Mad Catz (1, 2)

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