New Screenshots And Artwork From South Park: The Game

South Park: The Game was featured in the most recent issue of Game Informer magazine, and it’s already looking like Obsidian plans to retain all the sharp wit and outlandish humor of the Comedy Central series. As initially reported in an earlier post, the game will utilize Dungeon Siege III’s game engine, and borrow heavily from RPG games like Final Fantasy and Paper Mario. The game also retains the 2D look of the cartoon series, which definitely gives it the feel an old school brawler set in the South Park world.

The game will play host to most of the cartoon’s large cast of characters all set against a fantasy backdrop that fits perfectly into the craziness that you would find on the average episode of the show. South Park: The Game will also feature some of the “baddies” from the show; including gingers, vampires, and hippies, as well as have a few new bad guys created for the game. Please check out the new images below:

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