Sony And Taco Bell Teaming Up

What’s cheesy and crunchy and rhymes with PlayStation Vita? Why, Cheesy Gordita of course!  Taco Bell is rolling out a promotion for the PS Vita later this month on the 26th. Not only will the winners get a sweet Vita bundle, but they’ll get it early.  There are three different ways to enter, Unlock the Box, Battle and Boast.  The first option is in the specially marked meal deal, just enter the code inside to see if it is a winner.  Or, there will be an Android app pitting you against your friends in some sort of battle; details were light, but somehow a winner or winners will win a Vita bundle. Lastly there will be an online contest where contestants will submit photos and the winner will be based on votes.

I definitely want a Vita, and I’ll be jumping at any chance to get my hands on one, especially if it’s going to be available early! I’ll be running for the border, thinking outside the box and yo quiero-ing on January 26th!

Source: PS Blog

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