The Origins Of The Final Fantasy Franchise Hit The Playstation Network

The Final Fantasy series has made its way onto just about every single platform over the years and Square Enix just  released onto the Playstation Network earlier this week. The re-release of Final Fantasy Origins came out on Jan 10, 2012 for the low price of $9.99. This version of the game retains the revisions that were first done for the earlier releases of the game on iOS, Nintendo DS, and the original PlayStation console. You’ll be getting a whole new casts of characters to play with as well as new dungeons and enemies to fight all for one very low price. Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are dated games but without a doubt they’re still a ball to play and experiencing the foundation of this long standing franchise is a gratifying experience.

With the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 just a few short weeks away, I can’t think of a better way to whet your appetite for this series than digging through its roots. Playing Final Fantasy Origins will have you craving a simpler time where games weren’t about bombastic stories and CGI cutscenes but instead focused all their efforts on challenging gameplay and keeping the controller in gamer’s hands.

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