Ore Wa Simpsons With The Simpsons Arcade Game Having US/Japanese Versions

The Simpsons has been one of the legacies of American television, running nearly 25 years and about to hit 500 episodes. Japan, though, largely knows them as promotional mascots for a drink. Still, when The Simpsons Arcade Game hit arcades about two decades ago, Japan not only got their own release, but customized it to their tastes. For the title’s upcoming release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, players will apparently be able to swap between modes.

The digital release of X-Men from the arcades featured this as well. Achievements for the Xbox title hit online, and reveal that (via the Mr. Sparkle achievement) players will gain 25G by beating Stage 3 bosses in Survival Mode with the Japanese ROM. The Japanese title includes a more-intensive score system, alongside a greater amount and variety of weapons and items, alongside characters. Chances are, outside of using emulators, most Americans haven’t played this version, so it’ll be interesting to see if people prefer the system they know versus the one with improvements.

Are you looking forward to the secretive title’s upcoming rerelease?

Source: Co-Optimus

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