Cyanide Studios Release New Assets And Video For Game Of Thrones RPG

The A Song Of Ice And Fire series of books has been around for quite some time but never has its popularity been this prevalent. With the release of the Game Of Thrones TV show and the upcoming Game Of Thrones action RPG, now’s the best time to experience R. R. Martin’s amazing fantasy series. Cyanide Studios just released a new trailer and screenshots for the game Game Of Thrones that looks like it pulls heavily from the HBO show and the book series. The world that was created for the show gives a vivid backdrop to what’s sure to be a thrilling action RPG from Cyanide Studios.

As soon as I started watching the HBO Series, I was drawn into the political intrigue and magic aspects that infuse every inch of the experience. With this new game on the horizon, I have yet another way to get lost in the world that R. R. Martin created within the pages of the Song Of Ice and Fire series. I look forward to seeing how the game turns out later this year.

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