Saints Row The Third Gets Team Fortress 2 Themed DLC – Only On Steam

If you purchased Saints Row the Third on Steam, then today you will be able to download some free Team Fortress 2 themed DLC. The content contains a set of 9 masks(seen above), Also released today for all platforms is a free homie based on the creator of Cheap Ass Gamer, and Genkibowl VII.

To get the content depends on your platform of choice, on Steam you do nothing as it’ll be downloaded and installed automatically. On the PS3 you will need to download the CheapyD pack. Finally on the Xbox 360 you will need to download either the Genkibowl VII Viewer Pack which is free or purchase the Genkibowl VII DLC Pack. On all platforms you will need to have unlocked Shaundi’s Ex-boyfriend’s apartment(which is the first crib you get) before you can call in your new homie to help you.

Source: CVG, CheapAssGamer

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