Tripwire Inspires Its Community With Release Of Modding And Map Editor Tools

Sure, there’s a time and place for run and gun military shooters, but you have to respect the slow and deliberate game-play from a game like Red Orchestra 2. The realism that Red Orchestra 2 is built upon has garnered a devoted following of hardcore gamers that would not change a single thing about the game. Tripwire Interactive has now given their fans the ability to utilize their suite of modding and map making tools for Red Orchestra 2, which will allow players to further immerse themselves in Red Orchestra’s Strategic First Person Shooting gameplay.
Red Orchestra 2 Mod SDK Available to All – 11 January 2012, Roswell, GA

Tripwire Interactive are pleased to announce the release of the modding and map making tools for Red Orchestra 2, available free to everyone that owns Red Orchestra 2. While the limited functionality preview versions of the SDK have been available to select modders for a while, this release now makes the full capabilities of the Mod SDK available to everyone. Users can now make and publish everything from simple mods and mutators, through custom maps and on to full total conversion mods.

Modders and map makers have been hard at work with the pre-release SDK and several great maps and mods are already coming together. For a preview of what is to come, check out these three total conversion mods already in production for Red Orchestra 2:

Rising Storm –
In Country Vietnam –
Iron Europe –

Red Orchestra 2’s realistic gameplay is definitely not for everyone but if you enjoy a good challenge and an engrossing online multiplayer experience, than please give Red Orchestra 2 a try. Don’t forget to check the links above to fully explore what Red Orchestra 2 has to offer. Below you’ll find a video for the In Country Vietnam Red Orchestra 2 mod.

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    Hopefully this revives the community, right now most servers are empty or are mostly bots.