Bandai Wants To Know What Megaman Figure You Want

The Megaman D-Arts figures have been notable successes. The figures, by Bandai, have given Megaman (technically, Rockman) a serious toy line that’s largely been missing. Bluefin Tamashi Nations USA, a company that’s successfully been bringing the Japanese figures to America, has come to fans for help. Bandai wants to know what fans are looking for.

Fans of the Blue Bomber can go onto their Facebook page and vote for what character they’d like to see release. It’s not a guarantee that it’ll come out, but it can’t hurt to let your voice be heard. Megaman Volnutt from Megaman Legends is currently in the lead, with Sigma and others following behind. Down at the bottom of the list are such forgettable characters as Buster Rod G. X and Vile have already been worked on, so a little love towards the abandoned Legends world would be nice.

Have you been buying the D-Arts figures?

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