Excalibur Table Now Available For Zen Pinball On iOS And Android

A few months ago Zen Studios released their stellar Zen Pinball game for iOS and (some) Android devices. Amazing graphics, full featured tables and physics; Zen Pinball for mobile devices is the FULL experience.

The only flaw was that of the few dozen tables available for the various console iterations of the game, only a small handful made it to the mobile game.  Now the stable of tables is increasing a little bit.

The Excalibur table, a very well crafted medieval table, is available now as in-app DLC for just $0.99. Featuring the castle of Camelot, the famous Round Table, as well as Merlin… the WIZARD; the Excalibur table is one of my personal favorites.

Zen Pinball is only available for NVIDIA Tegra Android devices, so if you happen to have one of those powerhouses get downloading! If you have a iOS anything capable of running iOS 5.0 is good too go.

Also remember that the Zen Pinball app is a free download and comes with the Sorcerer’s Lair (which I gave a 9/10 on Xbox 360 and PS3) table. If you are looking for a mobile game to really sink some time in, Zen Pinball’s $0 price tag is a must.

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