Find The Destiny Of The X-Men Out With Spider-Man For Free

Spider-Man and the X-Men are friendly with each other. They’ve fought alongside each other many times, and in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Spidey regularly teamed up with two mutants. Spider-Man might clash with the X-Men in the upcoming summer event of Avengers VS. X-Men, but they’ll likely be friends when all is said and done. When it comes to video games, the web-slinger is even going to help out the world’s strangest teens.

Amazon is currently running a deal that gives you a free copy of X-Men Destiny when you purchase Spider-Man: Edge of Time for both PS3 and 360. The two games were released at roughly the same time, were advertised together, and generally flew under the radar. Marvel fans who skipped out on them initially may want to pick them up. They weren’t the best reviewed games, but they might be a good way to pass a day.

Me? I reviewed both and wasn’t blown away.

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