Internet Vs SOPA/PIPA (MPAA/RIAA), So Who Won?

If you checked us out yesterday you probably noticed that we were blacked out as we were joining so many other websites yesterday protesting against SOPA and PIPA. So, now that yesterday is over, lets just see how the Internet did against the rich, powerful and connected MPAA, RIAA and just about every other “old media” outlet.

Well, the LA Times is reporting that 4.5 million people signed Google’s anti-SOPA petition yesterday. 4.5 million, just wow! What’s more impressive to me as far as that goes is the fact that I’d say the majority of those people probably never even heard of SOPA till yesterday.

“There’s no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs,” the petition reads. “Too much is at stake -– please vote NO on PIPA and SOPA.”

I couldn’t agree more with the above statement. The people that are against SOPA aren’t against online piracy, they are against censoring the biggest tool we have today for free speech! You don’t need SOPA to fight off internet piracy, just look at what happened today against MegaUpload. There’s no need for SOPA, there are already tools in place to prevent piracy.

Google’s petition wasn’t the only tool to attack SOPA though, Twitter was equally effective at getting the word out. was tracking 267k tweets per hour getting the word out about SOPA. Throughout the day, SOPA was the most talked about topic on Twitter.

Elsewhere, Reddit Co-Founder, Alexis Ohanian called the protest a “Resounding Success” he continued with this, one of the best quotes I’ve heard about this topic,

Why is it that when Republicans and Democrats need to solve the budget and the deficit, there’s deadlock, but when Hollywood lobbyists pay them $94 million dollars to write legislation, people from both sides of the aisle line up to co-sponsor it?

So again I ask, who won? I’d say we did, the Internet! Ars Technica is reporting that now 19 Senators dropped their support and are now in opposition of PIPA (the Senate’s version of SOPA), 7 of which were co-sponsors of the bill. That’s amazing there, and that’s because of you guys and gals getting your voices heard! For a single day, the Internet became a single voice and shouted our opposition of SOPA and PIPA and for once, our concerns were actually heard. For once the all mighty dollar didn’t drown out what the people wanted.

Unfortunately though, that’s not the end of the story. Chris Dodd, former Senator and now MPAA Chairman and CEO came out calling the internet blackouts:

another gimmick, albeit a dangerous one, designed to punish elected and administration officials who are working diligently to protect American jobs from foreign criminals.

News flash for you all, the blackouts were not a gimmick at all and with the help of major sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, Google and smaller sites like us, Platform Nation and thousands of others, we got the word out about these dangerous bills and we won this battle.

So what happens next? Well, we sit and wait. We have to be prepared for what’s next because don’t think for a second that this is over. There will be other bills, there will be millions more pouring into our representatives pockets that want to censor what we can do online while hiding behind the masks of “piracy” or other hot topics.

I can promise you one thing though, while we here might not be the biggest site out there, we will continue to fight the good fight for our community. We don’t care about pageviews here (they are nice though), we don’t care about making money, all we care about is doing what’s right. As long as we are around, and as long as we have your support, we will do everything we can to help you guys be heard through us. After all, that’s why we exist in the first place, and that’s why on the bottom of Platform Nation is has always said:

Platform Nation is a collaboration of several gaming podcasts who decided it would be best for our gamers, the podcasters and the rest of the gaming community if they came together to share efforts. Together we have a larger voice in the community for the gamers that we strive to speak for. We share the same forums and for the most part, share the same listeners. After all, we are a community, not a network Platform Nation, United We Game.

And for those of you that still might be in the dark, please, I urge of you, just watch the video below as it will help explain what SOPA/PIPA really is about.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Image source:

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  • Thanks for the update. I was curious as to what yesterday’s actions accomplished. 

  • Lildrestl3

    How about NDAA ?

  • Lildrestl3

    How about NDAA ?

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  • MPAA, RIAA, AIPAC (yes, separate issue)…. the way they trade money for policy… for f..un’s sake isn’t anyone going to just come out and say “bribery” already? Seriously, “lobbying” is just a fancy word for that.

    Instead of SOPA and PIPA, there should be a law to tackle all this rampant corporate purchasing of US lawmakers, you know, just a suggestion.

  • ApYMification

    facebook was also against it

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  • screw SOPA! didnt know the Reddit cofounder lived in Brooklyn… i’m here too! would lovee to meet him.