Nintendo Network Wants To Rival Xbox Live And PSN

A few days ago a leaked image from a twitter user got a rumor shuffling around the internet that Nintendo plans on announcing a unified online service in preparation for the Wii U’s launch later this year. The box (pictured above) is for an upcoming 3DS Final Fantasy spin-off called TheAtRhythm: Final Fantasy, and clearly shows a new online-related logo in the top-right corner of the cover. But now, according to a Nintendo blogger, Nintendo Enthusiast, an anonymous source has confirmed the Network will rival the two current online console giants, Sony and Microsoft. Here’s the full quote, and remember to take all of this with a grain of salt:

“A source that wished to remain anonymous has told us that Nintendo will launch a website accessible from any web browser that will handle configuration of your Nintendo Network account for use on the Wii U or 3DS. He also stated that Nintendo Network will include many new features that haven’t been used before by Nintendo. According to his accounts: Nintendo Network = Sony PSN = Xbox Live.”

The 3DS brought Nintendo closer than ever to what they could do with online gaming, and I think that they would be absolutely bonkers if they didn’t realize that their online system needs a complete overhaul for their new home console. And I mean, c’mon, that silly little Wii U controller is perfect for popping up your friends list, the Wii U equivalent of an achievement roster, or checking on a digital online strategy guide while your game runs on the television. They have to see that, right?


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